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Tips For Completing the Required CRA Forms

  1. Taxpayers should complete only the information relating to them and their security holdings, and when the form is submitted to Horizons, we will complete the information regarding the investment Corporation.
  2. The several ETFs involved in the various corporate actions merged on different specific dates. One form may only be used for ETFs that converted on one particular date, but can include multiple ETFs that merged on that same date, where applicable.
  3. On Page 2 of Form T2057 under “Information Required” some investors might be unsure of some answers for this section. Horizons can assist in completing some of the answers under this section as they relate directly to the corporate action. Others are specific to the tax payer and must be completed by the taxpayer, prior to sending signed forms to Horizons for counter signature. Questions that must be answered by the tax payer include questions 5, 6, and 8.
    • Typically, the answer to number 6 is YES. If an investor is unsure of the answer for question 6 “Are any of the properties transferred capital properties?”, although Horizons cannot determine your individual situation, most individual taxpayers will answer YES to this question unless they are required by the CRA to treat such trades on the income account.
  4. For the Description of Shares Received section:
    • Redemption value per share is the net asset value per share of the ETF at the close of the date on which the merger occurred. This is not typically the same as the closing price on the stock exchange, or what you may see on your account statement. These values can be found here.
    • Class of Shares is the name of the ETF you hold after the merger, preceded by “common shares of class” (then the ETF name)..
    • Paid-up-capital should be noted as unknown.
    • The Shares are non-voting.
    • Shares are redeemable at the holder’s option.
  5. For Information on the Eligible Property Disposed of and Consideration Received:
    • Description is the name of the ETF units you held initially.
    • Fair Market Value is the total value of your position on the date of the corporate merger.
    • Column A is the total adjusted cost base (ACB) of all of the units you surrendered from that particular fund.
    • Column B is the total value you intend to report on your taxes as your proceeds. Typically, this will be the same as your ACB, but may be any value as long as it is between the Fair Market Value and the ACB of your position.
    • Amount to be reported is the total capital gain, if any, that you will report on your tax return. It equals B-A. Typically, this will be zero.
    • Under consideration received;
      • Non-share will be zero.
      • Share/number and class, will be the number of shares you received of the new corporation ETF, and the class is the ETF name.
      • Fair market value of the consideration is the same as Fair Market value of property disposed of.
  6. The documents must be signed and dated before being submitted to Horizons for completion and counter-signature.
  7. A penalty may be applicable to an investor who is filing this form late, and the penalty section should be completed and payment made on submission to the CRA (after you have received the forms back from Horizons).

The information contained in this section reflects general tax information only and does not constitute, and should not be construed as, tax advice. Investor’s situations may differ, and investors should consult with their tax advisors before making any decisions. The information provided herein is provided as is and Horizons makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the information, and may not update the information as updates become available. Any documents submitted to Horizons will be responded to on a best efforts basis only, and Horizons bears no responsibility for the accuracy of such documents or for the timeliness of such documents or for the timeliness of any response to any such documents submitted to Horizons.