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Guiding Principles

At Horizons ETFs, we believe that our corporate culture and overall business practices are only as strong as our guiding principles

Being a contributing corporate citizen is a vital component of our operations and our community involvement. Listed below are the values that are the pillars of our investment strategies and who we are as a corporate citizen:


Without innovation, inventions such as ETFs would never have been possible. Innovation drives the advancement of our everyday lives and continues to be the engine behind our investment strategies. It has allowed us to bring many “firsts” to the market and be recognized as a leading ETF provider, with award-winning* ETFs.


Being able to access ideas, information and tools that can add to education and empowerment in everyone’s lives is one of our core beliefs. We believe that every child and every adult, no matter what financial situation they find themselves in, should have access to the type of information that can help enhance their lives. Similarly, we also believe that every investor, no matter how big or small, should have the ability to access the best portfolio management techniques and the best asset classes the industry has to offer.


We believe that every asset class should be accessible to the average investor. While some alternative or fixed income investments take time to accumulate or liquidate, or have other restrictions, the ETF structure allows investors to trade these asset classes as easily as traditional stocks.

Education as Empowerment

In addition to bringing innovative investment solutions to market, we are committed to educating investors at all levels.

The more investors understand about the various types of features and benefits that an ETF can offer, the more they are empowered to make the appropriate decisions for their portfolios.

We hold educational events for investors and advisors throughout the year to keep them abreast of the evolutions in ETF investing. We also provide an online library of education material, which includes articles, podcasts and videos about the latest trends and innovations in ETF investing.